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Our Services

Our Services

 Employee placement

As part of the placement services, we provide a mediation service between the

employer and the candidate, which includes: In-depth interviews with the candidates

and coordinating a frontal interview between the candidates and the employee.

The chosen candidate will become an organic employee of the company.

Gefen Tech Recruitment gives an absorption warranty period of the placement, to

ensure suitability and satisfaction.

 Hiring employees

As part of the transaction services, we locate, sort and interview candidates according

to the client's criteria.  After an interview process with the employer, the employee is

employed by Gefen Tech Recruitment : his salary, his terms and reporting to the


This service is needed most often when a customer  is interested in employing an

employee for a fixed period of time only, or at a future date, as a condition before

being admitted to the company.

Outsourcing Services 

We offer a wide range of solutions for organizations in managing recruitment

processes from the internal setting of their workspace.

As part of thIs service, recruitment and HR will be provided by a talented coordinator

on behalf of Gefen Tech Recruitment, within the offices of the client. The coordinator

will be solely dedicated to the client needs, working from the client space, for long or

short term projects, employed remotely by Gefen Tech Recruitment.

What is special about us ?

We are a professional and experienced boutique company for recruitment and placement that advocates a personal, professional and reliable attitude while emphasizing the accuracy of the candidates. Quality and not quantity . 

We hold expertise in raising LinkedIn biotech, high tech and raising overseas recruitment, industry, finance, e-commerce world, and executive recruitment. Positions are accurate even in the most complex and challenging areas of expertise. 

We work with the leading companies in the field.

After years of specialization, we realized that the most important thing in the recruitment world is

Finding the most suitable employee, in the shortest time.

  And this is our specialty.

What is special about us ?
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